About Us

"Life is full of surprises" - John Major

Mystery Present is a fun online platform where you can unbox tons of boxes with great items within, and be in for a nice surprise! We created Mystery Present with the vision that everyonedes erves a nice surprise for themselves. When life doesn’t give us the surprises we hope for, we believe we can create them ourselves because what is life without some fun and surprises, right?;)

Here at Mystery Present, we provide many boxes of different categories with specially curated items to appeal to people of all interests. Within each box, there will be a list of different items, each with its own probability of winning. Once you open a box, a random prize from the list will appear. Your chance of receiving an item is determined by a random number generator to generate the item you will receive based purely on the probability stated. Open boxes to discover the latest anime, beauty, K-pop, tech items and so much more! To cater to the varied interests of our customers, we regularly update our curation of boxes and the items within. Check back often to see what new items we have in store for you!

Before you get started, do note that you will need to sign up and deposit funds into your account and accept our Terms and Conditions.

We hope you will enjoy unboxing here with us at Mystery Present.